COO @ Talsona. Product Manager and Strategist in all former professional lives. The first half of my career was at startups, while working amongst a portfolio of companies affiliated with a London based investment group, and with early stage companies moving ideas into product reality and exits. My career has enabled me to experience the energy of working on small trying to make it big, and the skills of driving goals within a larger, tiered organization.

I think a happy career is knowing yourself, what you want, and sometimes that means being introspective about what worked well for you, and optimizing on that for future choices.



User Experience Design - 12%
Product Management - 12%
Program Management - 12%
Drive Product Strategy - 12%
Process Analysis - 12%
Business Strategy - 12%
Product Roadmapping - 12%
Conference Panelist/Public Speaking - 12%



2 years, 1 month Talsona Job info
Product Strategy /Expert, Product Management /Advanced, Operations /Proficient, User Experience Design /Advanced, Product Marketing /Advanced, Competitive Analysis /Advanced
From: 08/2015 To: 09/2017.


Product Strategy - 20%
Product Management - 16%
Operations - 12%
User Experience Design - 16%
Product Marketing - 16%
Competitive Analysis - 16%
Product Strategy /Advanced, User Experience Design /Proficient, Competitive Analysis /Proficient, Product Roadmapping /Advanced, Persona Design /Advanced, Product Marketing /Proficient, Usability /Advanced, Product Management /Expert
From: 01/2011 To: 08/2015.

Product management, operations and marketing consultant working with founders and early stage start-ups, and enterprise companies to define product vision and strategy. Consulting focused on Operations, Product Strategy, Design, User Segmentation, Persona Definition, Interaction Design, Usability and Launch. Clients included: American Express OPEN Forum, American Express, CareFamily, SeniorCorp, Decisions


Product Strategy - 13%
User Experience Design - 10%
Competitive Analysis - 10%
Product Roadmapping - 13%
Persona Design - 13%
Product Marketing - 10%
Usability - 13%
Product Management - 16%
Program Management /Advanced, Directing Clients /Advanced, Business Process Analysis /Expert, User Experience Design /Advanced, Program Development /Advanced, Lead Consultant /Proficient
From: 10/2008 To: 11/2010.

Built US business consulting offering and vendor network to support client engagements, and global partnerships with TellMe (MSFT Speech) and Cisco, to extend the Global and US strategy for Customer Interactive Solutions. Lead on consulting engagements; contributor to marketing and industry research/thought leadership.


Program Management - 16%
Directing Clients - 16%
Business Process Analysis - 20%
User Experience Design - 16%
Program Development - 16%
Lead Consultant - 12%
Product Management /Advanced, User Experience Design /Advanced, Product Roadmapping /Proficient, Drive Product Strategy /Advanced
From: 10/2007 To: 10/2008.

Drove product strategy on SpeechCycle’s SaaS development platform, and related development technologies in support of hosted applications business. Worked closely with CTO and executive leadership, sales, engineering and end-users to produce the product roadmap, product requirements documents, prototypes and marketing collateral. Fully engaged with engineering throughout agile product development process. SpeechCycle acquired By Synchronoss.


Product Management - 26%
User Experience Design - 26%
Product Roadmapping - 20%
Drive Product Strategy - 26%
Product Marketing /Advanced, Project Management /Advanced, Product Content Development /Advanced
From: 05/2007 To: 10/2007.

Short-term consulting engagement to help prepare Transparent Logic prior to being acquired by Symantec. Created branding and naming concept for Transparent Logic's key technology, LogicBase, and documented product suite and components. Produced product marketing materials, demos and managed creation of proof of concept solutions, in addition to project management.


Product Marketing - 33%
Project Management - 33%
Product Content Development - 33%
Product Strategy /Advanced, Product Management /Advanced, Process Analysis /Advanced, User Experience Design /Proficient, Business Strategy /Advanced, Program Management /Advanced
From: 08/2000 To: 05/2007.

UK based VC focused on investment and development of web, media and technology companies. I worked amongst its startups, subsidiaries: Fluency Voice Technology, ND Technology, Netdecisions and OOP. // Fluency Voice Technology: Product Manager, Head of Global Training, Assisting GM on US Partnerships, and Operations // ND Technology: Product Analyst // Netdecisions: Consulting, Business & Product // OOP: Project Manager


Product Strategy - 17%
Product Management - 17%
Process Analysis - 17%
User Experience Design - 13%
Business Strategy - 17%
Program Management - 17%


Product Marketing Strategy

Effective Product Marketing PRAGMATIC MARKETING Info
Product Marketing Strategy /Proficient, Product Marketing Collateral /Advanced
From: 01/2007 To: 02/2007.


Product Marketing Strategy - 42%
Product Marketing Collateral - 57%

English Literature

Bachelor Of Science RADFORD UNIVERSITY Info
Comparitive Literature /Advanced, Literary Criticism /Proficient, Rhetoric /Proficient, Writing /Advanced, Editing /Advanced
From: 05/1995 To: 12/1999.

Concentration in Creative, Science, Business and Technical Writing


Comparitive Literature - 22%
Literary Criticism - 16%
Rhetoric - 16%
Writing - 22%
Editing - 22%


Business Model Development /Proficient, Market Analysis /Advanced, Business Analysis /Proficient, Creative Lead /Advanced, Product Knowledge /Advanced
From: 05/2011 To: 09/2013.

Created business concept and model to challenge the $12B/YR women's lingerie industry. Conducted market, brand, trend and fit research to translate brick and mortar boutique bra fitting into a hybrid online/offline e-commerce experience. Resulted in seed funding offer.


Business Model Development - 16%
Market Analysis - 22%
Business Analysis - 16%
Creative Lead - 22%
Product Knowledge - 22%
Project Lead /Expert, Interaction Design /Advanced
From: 12/2012 To: 02/2013.

Designed and submitted three prototypes for Interactive Communication Kiosks as part of NYC's Reinvent Payphone Challenge to replace the existing public payphone system. Our design balanced touch, gesture, voice, computer vision, ad technology and aero-electric power for sustainability to accommodate for NYC's diverse needs, including international and disabled users, integrated into a solution that accommodated for daily information needs, as well as those needed during city emergencies.


Project Lead - 55%
Interaction Design - 44%

Recognitions & Awards

Presenter - SpeechTek

2009 NLP & Assistive Technology in Psychological Health & Wellness Info

Presented Personalization Research in the psychology/mental health space. Established product & design foundation for using NLP/speech technology in assisting people suffering from mental distress by actively engaging them without personal bias as a limitation to sharing current state of health.