Software Development - 12%
Java - 12%
Sql Queries - 10%
UML - 10%
Mentoring - 10%
Web Development - 10%
Javascript - 10%
Databases - 10%
Design - 10%
Apis - 10%


From: 07/2014 To: 09/2017.

Responsible for the design, and delivery of new features associated with all IVR, call center, and correspondence related web services used by the Government Business Division’s (GBD) SOA team. This includes providing guidance and delegating tasks to other FTEs and contractors. Developed the UI portion of the first customer developed application for the Availity payer space platform. The application allows health care providers to search for fee schedules for various procedures. It is a single page application written with angular.js, bootstrap, and a layer of proprietary add ons provided by the Availity platform. The project required heavy collaboration with the vendor as well as internal partners. Designed and developed a backend system that orchestrates the delivery of correspondence requests to members and providers. The system receives requests through SOAP based web services or batch file drops. It then ensures the requests are published via the EMC xPression product, distributed to the print center, and archived with a members record. Designed and developed a set of RESTful endpoints used by an orchestration engine responsible for keeping 2 internal systems in sync.

Apis /Advanced, Software Development /Expert, Web Development /Advanced, Databases /Advanced, Design /Advanced, Java /Expert, Javascript /Advanced, Mongodb /Proficient, Oracle /Proficient, Sql Queries /Advanced, UML /Advanced, Mentoring /Advanced
From: 07/2014 To: 09/2017.


Apis - 8%
Software Development - 10%
Web Development - 8%
Databases - 8%
Design - 8%
Java - 10%
Javascript - 8%
Mongodb - 6%
Oracle - 6%
Sql Queries - 8%
UML - 8%
Mentoring - 8%