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Public speaking - 5%
Self-awareness - 5%
Empathy - 5%
Business development - 5%
Culture - 5%
Cultural architect - 5%
Diversity - 5%
Embracing diversity - 5%
Supplier diversity - 5%
Diversity awareness - 5%
Emotional intelligence - 5%
Emotional resilience - 5%
Happiness - 5%
Mindfulness - 5%
Meditation - 5%
Researching targets - 5%
Internet research - 5%
Travel - 5%
Yoga - 5%
Strategic thinking - 5%
Strategic planning - 5%
Systems thinking - 5%

things i'd like to learn

Financial management - 25%
International business - 25%
Spanish - 25%
French - 25%


travel /Advanced, employee engagement /Advanced, wellness /Expert, employee retention /Advanced, culture /Expert
From: 08/2015 To: 09/2017.

DreamTrips Corporate Program: I help businesses help their employees and bottom line through a lifestyle program centered unique global experiences, DreamTrips. Employees are the only truly sustainable competitive advantage and the key to business growth. DreamTrips maximize employee productivity, vacations significantly decrease stress while enhancing overall happiness and well-being. Unleash the full potential of your people through the power of travel… to rejuvenate their bodies, rest their minds and enrich their spirits. Maximize your PTO, decrease turnover and absenteeism, and increased productivity and creativity.


Travel - 18%
Employee engagement - 18%
Wellness - 22%
Employee retention - 18%
Culture - 22%
self-awareness /Expert, employee engagement /Advanced, empathy /Expert, employee retention /Advanced, culture /Expert, happiness /Expert, research /Advanced
From: 01/2013 To: 09/2017.

Culture x Happiness x Travel At Zen Doughboy, the world as our laboratory. We travel around the world, study culture and happiness, share what we learn with businesses and individuals to help create a world of positive generational wealth (mind, body, spirit, time and money) for all people. Locations I dig: Dubai, Indianapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Uppsala. Services include: –Experiential Workshops: Culture+Happiness for Business Growth –Workplace Vacation/Lifestyle Programs –Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management Services Inquires:


Self-awareness - 15%
Employee engagement - 12%
Empathy - 15%
Employee retention - 12%
Culture - 15%
Happiness - 15%
Research - 12%
sourcing /Advanced, business advising /Advanced, sales /Advanced, strategic planning /Proficient, Public speaking /Advanced
From: 10/2012 To: 11/2015.

Diversity Accords (DA) provides diversity specific products and services for large enterprises that are sensitive to diversity in their supply chain. The following services support the client company’s Vision to contribute to the spirit of diversity while maintaining business and profitability standards. Led the Diversity Accords national initiative for the recruitment of diverse supplier members (MBE, DBE, SDVOB, WBE, LGBT, etc.) for direct and indirect contracts valued at $1M+ for services and products related to the strategic sourcing, supplier diversity and small business development programs of our clients.


Sourcing - 21%
Business advising - 21%
Sales - 21%
Strategic planning - 15%
Public speaking - 21%



B.S. Architecture PURDUE UNIVERSITY Info
Biochemistry /Intermediate, Global Travel /Advanced, Sweden /Intermediate
From: 08/1993 To: 05/1999.

Study Abroad - Fall 1998: Uppsala University SLU: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (AG)


Biochemistry - 25%
Global Travel - 50%
Sweden - 25%

Crystallography And Swedish Language

Crystallography /Beginner, Travel /Proficient, Swedish Language /Beginner
From: 08/1998 To: 12/1998.

Courses taken during Study Abroad in Uppsala Sweden


Crystallography - 20%
Travel - 60%
Swedish Language - 20%