In addition to the Terms of Use, You agree to the following Terms:

Talsona does not claim ownership in any Content that you submit to it regarding the Company for which you create a profile, add content under the profile, or otherwise edit or contribute to company profiles.

To be able to legally provide Talsona to our visitors, we have to have certain rights to use such Content in connection with Talsona, as set forth below. By submitting any Content to Talsona, you hereby grant to us an unrestricted, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, license (with the right to sublicense through unlimited levels of sublicensees) to use, copy, perform, display, create derivative works of, and distribute such Content in any and all media (now known or later developed) throughout the world. No compensation will be paid with respect to the Content that you post through Talsona. You should only submit Content to Talsona that you are comfortable sharing with others under the terms and conditions of these Terms.

Your Responsibility for Your Content. You are solely responsible for any and all Content that is posted through your account on Talsona (“Your Content“), as well as the representations you make to us about Your Content.

Representations Regarding Your Content. You represent and warrant that:

  • You own Your Content or otherwise have the right to grant the license set forth in these Terms;
  • Your Content does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright rights, or other rights of any person;
  • By providing or posting Your Content, you do not violate any binding confidentiality, non-disclosure, or contractual obligations you might have towards a third party, including your current or former employer or any potential employer;
  • Any information you provide in a salary, company review, interview review, company photo, employer response, job ad, or employer profile is correct;
  • Any information you provide about your current, past or potential status as an employee of a certain employer is correct and complete.
  • Any resume you upload is accurate and submitted on your own behalf.

Please do not provide any information that you are not allowed to share with others, including by binding contractual obligation or by law, because any information you provide will be accessible by every visitor of Talsona.

Prohibited Content. You agree that you will not post any Content that:

  • Is offensive or promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual, or is pornographic or sexually explicit in nature; bullies, harasses or advocates stalking, bullying, or harassment of another person;
  • Is false or misleading or promotes, endorses or furthers illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;
  • Promotes, copies, performs or distributes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person’s work that is protected by copyright or trade secret law, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacturer-installed copy-protection devices, or providing pirated music, videos, or movies, or links to such pirated music, videos, or movies;
  • Contains identification information such as social security number, passport number, national identification number, insurance number, driver’s license number, immigration number, or any other similar number, code, or identifier;
  • Posts or distributes information which would violate any binding confidentiality, non-disclosure or other contractual restrictions or rights of any third party, including any current or former employers or potential employers;
  • Implies a Talsona endorsement or partnership of any kind; or
  • Otherwise violates these Terms, the terms of your agreements with us, or creates liability for us.

Regulating Your Content: You understand that:

  1. You can end this license for specific content by deleting such content from the Services, or generally by closing your account, except (a) to the extent you shared it with others as part of the Service and they copied or stored it and (b) for the reasonable time it takes to remove from backup and other systems.
  2. We will get your consent if we want to give others the right to publish your posts beyond the Service. However, other Members and/or Visitors may access and share your content and information, consistent with your settings and degree of connection with them.
  3. While we may edit and make formatting changes to your content (such as translating it, modifying the size, layout or file type or removing metadata), we will not modify the meaning of your expression.
  4. By submitting suggestions or other feedback regarding our Services to Talsona, you agree that Talsona can use and share (but does not have to) such feedback for any purpose without compensation to you.


You agree that by submitting Your Content to Talsona, have reviewed and agree to abide by our Community Guidelines.