Startup looking for a sales master

Hiring in Brooklyn, NY
Posted at: 11-02-2015


Talsona is a personal team building technology that matches candidates with jobs and companies based on the idea that people are happier and more productive in the long run if they work with people they like.

Combining psychology and user experience with machine learning technologies, we enable candidates to find jobs with teams they’ll enjoy working with and allow companies to identify compatible candidates to their culture.

Our compatibility algorithms calibrate automatically toward different demographics, such as millennials, and help companies save time and energy in finding the ideal candidate while reducing the overall cost per hire and turnover rates by building happier, stronger and naturally compatible teams.



Sales - 40%
Fast learner - 20%
Curiosity - 10%
Emotional Intelligence - 10%
Team Player - 10%
Leadership - 10%

Job description

Talsona is looking for a sales master to join our team. great opportunity to join a growing startup at an early stage. if you love sales, willing to do whatever it takes to close the deal or build a relationship. Believe that 'no' is just the beginning of a conversation and always read with the next lead, we think that you'd love it here.

Must be a team player, The ideal candidate will be responsible for maintaining relationships with client, growing the clients base as well as the sales team. A strong sense of leadership is a plus!


Base salary + Equity/Options