- UI Engineer

   Salary: 89k - 130k

Hiring in New York, NY
Posted at: 11-24-2015


As a member of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud development team, you will join a group of developers and designers who are experts in rich user­interface and web application development using JavaScript­ based services and frameworks. You will also employ industry ­standard design patterns and solid web architecture and design skills to build highly available, high­ performing services for our partners and customers as well as for our own software product development teams.



Javascript - 30%
HTML - 20%
CSS - 20%
Node.Js - 10%
Scrum - 10%
PHP - 5%
Java - 5%

Job description

Foundational Requirements
● Possess a Solid Work Ethic. Staying dedicated to your work and focused on achieving a shared vision and goal
● At least 5 years of experience on software development teams and an understanding of the full software development lifecycle
● Learn quickly and be productive in a highly collaborative, lightning­fast environment
● Communicate clearly & accurately, and deliver messages appropriately to the correct audience
● Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in business, mathematics, software engineering or computer science

Technical Requirements
● Deep understanding of the DOM, JSON, object­oriented JavaScript, and common JavaScript libraries
● Expert level experience with at least 5 years in JavaScript and JavaScript libraries
● Solid proficiency with distributed version control, preferably git
● Demonstrated experience consuming and writing RESTful APIs
● Maintaining a complex JavaScript front­end project. This includes the ability to structure JavaScript code, separate concerns and understand interoperability and flow between properly encapsulated components
● Passion for debugging & benchmarking
● Experience with Node.js and server­side JavaScript
● Experience with one or more JavaScript MVC frameworks
● Experience with build tools and task runners such as Grunt or Gulp
● Experience with package managers such as Bower or NPM
● Experience with CSS and a CSS preprocessor such as LESS or SASS
● High proficiency with modern front­end development tools such as Chrome DevTools.

Additional Skills that will differentiate a Candidate:
● Expert knowledge and utilization of working in Agile Scrum teams
● Ability to work with loosely­defined requirements
● You take pride in writing unobtrusive JavaScript with modularity, scalability, and extensibility in mind
● You have built a JavaScript framework or heavy JavaScript application before.
● You have experience with jQuery, Bootstrap, RequireJS, Backbone, Node.js, and Underscore
● Attending JavaScript meetups is something that you enjoy doing in your free time
● Solid IDE and/or command line experience
● Comfortable with Adobe Photoshop or similar editing tools